Vibrations to sharpen fangs

The Vampires of Dartmoore was a German studio project leaded by German Jazz/Library musicians Horst Ackermann & Heribert Thusek, who released this one horror themed album in 1969. The band plays psychedelic rock with some clear jazz-rock influences and Halloween music elements all over the place. They've added some sound collage effects which give the album a really soundtrack kind of feeling.

Dancing in bloody beats

Eric Feremans (Sint-Niklaas, 1951) is a Belgian actor and composer,  synth pioneer and teacher; by the age of sixteen Feremans started building modulators and eventually his first proto synthesiser. teaching musicians how this new technology worked became Eric’s mission. He found that in electronic music composition the understanding of the functioning of the machine is part of the musicianship. By the early 70s Eric’s synths were becoming more and more complex and he even played a concert with Belgian electronica pioneer Karel Goeyvaerts.


Discovering the universe around us

Alain Pierre (Brussels, December 3, 1948) is a Belgian composer and keyboardist of Experimental/Avant Garde Film music; he wrote the soundtracks for more than three hundred short films, 150 commercials and 92 feature films.

Deciphering the origins of culture

Kema (1938 - 1984) was the pioneering female Italian film music Composer/Arranger/Multi-instrumentalist Giulia De Muittis (aka Mrs. Alessandro Alessandroni). She composeed and performed this rare undercover pseudo-ethnological studio sessions made under her experimental alter ego Kema (The Pawnshop) combining the ethos of Can's "Ethnological Forgery Series" (EFS) with the studio trickery of Delia Derbyshire and unshakable credentials as one of the founding figures of Giallo film music and Italian psych soundtracks.
Perhaps best known amongst fans of Italian production music and Giallo movie soundtracks as the wife of the legendary Alessandro Alessandroni, composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Giulia De Muittis was an equally formidable force who emerged from the formative years of the aforementioned anti-genres and rose to a monarchic status within the country's vibrant, and seldom rivalled musical secret society.

Ancient echoes from the Peloponnese

Greece In Music And Song (recorder and producer: James McNeish) is a World/Folk ancient Greek Music compilation made by British pioneer label Argo, founded in 1951 by Harley J. Usill and musicologist Cyril Clarke

Greece In Music And Song


Songs from cold forests

Susan Christie is an American singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is best known for a minor hit folk song “I Love Onions” (1966) and for her critically acclaimed solo psychedelic-folk album Paint A Lady (2006).
Susan Christie - Paint A Lady

Overcoming the force of gravity

(Gerardo Iacoucci is an Italian composer and pianist; combining all the traits of an international superhero or intrepid comic book adventurer, the true identity, whereabouts and history of the spectacular Italian composer known as Gerardo Iacoucci has been a mystery to record collectors for many years.
As a result of the best efforts of secretive archivists and DJs as well as and the overprotective force field that surrounds the clandestine world of Italian library music, the commanding experimental psychedelic pop music made singlehandedly by this early pioneer of the anti-genre time after time rises to the top of collectors’ want lists, commands huge ransom notes, ignites dancefloors and decimates genre tags before returning to its mythical status as one of the kings of the underworld without removing his mask. 
Despite the fact that original Italian copies of records by Gerardo Iacoucci are amongst the rarest, enigmatic fixtures of European psychedelia, his music simply refuses to be ghettoised and as the name of this album suggests the history of this artist reads like the memoirs of a genuine musical adventurer as well as a well-travelled prophet of experimental music and unsung pillar of Italian jazz and sound design).


Whispers from the ancient forest

Merit Hemmingson (born August 30, 1940) is a Swedish organist, composer and singer; she became famous in the late 1960's for her modern pop arrangements of Swedish folk music.