Lessons to learn birdsong

Katsutaro Kouta (小唄 勝太郎) was a Japanese geisha, female singer born in Niigata Prefecture on November 6, 1904; died June 21, 1974. She has performed in the following genres: 小唄 (Kouta), 清元 (Kiyomoto: Shamisen music), 民謡 (Min'yō), 新民謡 (Shin-Min'yō : Ondo), 端唄 (Hauta)and 歌謡曲 (Kayōkyoku).

Mysteries from chilhood

Christian Gaubert is a French composer, pianist, arranger and band leader. Collaborations include Charles Aznavour, Mireille Mathieu, Gilbert Bécaud, Johnny Hallyday, Serge Gainsbourg, Pascal Auriat, and Gérard Lenorman among others.

Encounters outside the solar system

Bernard Fèvre is a self-taught french composer, now over 60 years old. In his early life, his day job was in precision mechanics; on saturday nights he played piano in a R' n B' band, Frankie Presle and the G.men. He then spent ten years as part of Les Francs Garçons, a singing group in the "Don Camillo" night-club in Paris. He now works for a French radio station, providing its 'sound environment'.

His first solo record is "The Strange World of Bernard Fèvre", followed some months after by "Black Devil Disco Club 78" which had a new and pioneering electronic sound. The records met with limited success and Bernard Fèvre remained in obscurity for more than twenty years. He released at least 3 albums of electronic library music during the 70s.


Dark pleasures of the flesh

Nora Orlandi (1933) is an Italian pop singer, composer and pianist, also the author of some very strange psychedelic Giallo-soundtracks.

Following the warm currents

Guy Pedersen (1930 - 2005) was a French Jazz-Soul-Funk Double-bass player. He was, with Pierre Michelot and Michel Gaudry, one of the most appreciated double bassists for his qualities as a sideman, accompanying the greatest soloists. Pedersen also composed the music for numerous short films, as well as the music for the credits of Thalassa TV series.

Failed simulation of reality

Roger Davy is a French session guitarist and composer that made several library albums in the 70's, his most characteristic trait being the cosmic guitar twang that graces all of his albums. His signature guitar just glides along and fits perfectly with all of the enchanting arrangements primarly made with all the electronic trickery coming from the seventies. 
Albert Assayag is a French (born in Morocco, 1938) songwriter, pianist, accordionist, arranger and conductor; also works as a musical and artistic guide. He began as a musical arranger and composer of music for television, notably France Inter and Télé Monte Carlo.