Overdose of flashing lights

Serge Gainsbourg (born Lucien Ginsburg 2 April 1928 - 2 March 1991) was a French singer, songwriter, pianist, film composer, poet, painter, screenwriter, writer, actor and director. Regarded as the most important figure in French pop whilst alive, he was renowned for often provocative and scandalous releases which caused uproar in France, dividing its public opinion; as well as his diverse artistic output, which ranged from his early work in jazz, chanson, and yé-yé to later efforts in rock, funk, reggae, and electronica. Gainsbourg's varied musical style and individuality make him difficult to categorize, although his legacy has been firmly established and he is often regarded as one of the world's most influential popular musicians. 
His lyrical works incorporated wordplay, with humorous, bizarre, provocative, sexual, satirical or subversive overtones, including sophisticated rhymes, mondegreen, onomatopoeia, spoonerism, dysphemism, paraprosdokian and pun. Gainsbourg wrote over 550 songs, which have been covered more than 1,000 times by a range of artists. 

Since his death from a second heart attack in 1991, Gainsbourg's music has reached legendary stature in France, and he is regarded as France's greatest ever musician and one of the country's most popular and endeared public figures. 
Jean-Claude Vannier (born 1943) is a French musician, composer and arranger. Vannier has composed music, written lyrics, and produced albums for many singers. Vannier is regarded as an important musician in his native country; music critic Andy Votel noted his Eastern music influences and named him a pop-culture icon of 1970s France, alongside Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.


Scary sounds from Punjabi

Andy Votel (Andrew Shallcross, 1975) is an English producer and musician who co-operates Finders Keepers Records, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment & Dead-Cert Home Entertainment.

Votel name derived from the acronym VOTEL for Violators Of The English Language, a hip-hop crew on the Manchester scene at the time of early releases on the Fat City and now defunct Grand Central imprints.

Andy Votel - Hindi Horrorcore

Messages from eternal ice

Olox duo is the creative union between Snow Raven (Haar Suor) and Andreas Jones, which is a fusion of heart rhythms and electronic sounds mixed with ethnic songs from the native Sakha people from Siberia characterized by animal, bird and deep nature vocals.Snow Raven was born in a small village in Sakha (arctic Siberia) and was three years old when she started to learn the language of the birds and animals. Her voice takes its breath from traditional Sakha culture and is truly an instrument. She is the creator of "Arctic Beatbox" - the reindeer breath and is the author of "Neoshamanic Healing"

Lullaby in the rain

Shushā (Shamsi Assār, 1935 - 2008), was a writer, editor, actress and - under the name of "Shusha" - a singer of Persian and Western folk-songs.
Her first album produced when she was a student in France in the late 1950s was under the name Chucha Assar.  She had lived in London since the early 1960s. She was also a talented amateur documentary filmmaker who was even nominated for an Oscar (a First for an Iranian) back in 1976 for her feature documentary People of the Wind co-directed with Anthony Howarth which was narrated by British Hollywood Star James Mason. 
Her books were reminiscent of the very first generation of Iranian expatriates to study and live outside Iran and who redefined and enriched their Persian heritage within a cosmopolitan identity both by necessity and choice.

Journey into the unknown

Danger, Suspense Et Eprouvettes is a Jazz/Funk/Easy Listening compilation made by French Editions Montparnasse 2000 label.

The survival of the weakest

Partisans of Vilna: The Songs of World War II Jewish Resistance is a World/Folk WWII compilation made by Flying Fish Records label.


Opening brains until universal borders

Ennio Morricone (1928-2020) was an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player, writing in a wide range of musical styles. Since 1961, Morricone composed over 400 scores for cinema and television, as well as over 100 classical works.
Bruno Nicolai (1926, Rome - 1991, Rome) was an Italian composer, conductor and keyboardist (organ, piano). Notably the composer and director of numerous film and television scores. He also served as musical director for other composers' film scores, prevalently those of Ennio Morricone, Carlo Rustichelli and Luis Enriquez Bacalov
Nicolai studied piano, organ and composition at Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, studying piano under Aldo Mantia, and composition and organ under Goffredo Petrassi. Whilst at the conservatory, he met fellow student Ennio Morricone who also studied under Petrassi. A friendship began that would last many years. 
Throughout the 60's and 70's, Nicolai scored a number of films, working several times with directors such as Jess Franco, Tinto Brass and Alberto De Martino for their giallo and exploitation films. During this time, he also composed library music, primarily for his own labels Gemelli and Edi-Pan, but also for other labels like RCA. His big break came in 1965, when he was musical supervisor for the Sergio Leone film "For a Few Dollars More", scored by Ennio Morricone. In 1966, he reprised this role for "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Nicolai's last score was for the 1988 TV series "La coscienza di Zeno", directed by Sandro Bolchi.

Snow over Corcovado

Босса Нова: По-Прежнему Самая Красивая Музыка В СССР is a Russian Bossa Nova Tribute compilation made by Мелодия Label.

Embracing the dark side of soul

Nico Fidenco (Real name: Domenico Colarossi, 1933 - 2022) was an Italian singer and songwriter with a long and prestigious career who gained considerable popularity from 1960 onwards, after the release of the song What A Sky (Italian Su Nel Cielo), included in the soundtrack of the movie by Francesco Maselli I Delfini and composed by Giovanni Fusco. With his angelic voice he made millions of lovers dream not only in Italy, but all over the world, singing dozens of songs in English as well.