Meditation in the northern border of paradise

Óscar Ichazo (1931 - 2020) was a Bolivian philosopher and the originator of Integral Philosophy. In 1968, Ichazo founded the Arica School

The Arica School, also known as the Arica Institute (which is its incorporated educational organization) or simply as Arica, is a Human Potential Movement group founded in 1968 by Ichazo. The school is named after the city of Arica, Chile, where Ichazo once lived and where he led an intensive months-long training in 1970 and 1971 before settling in the United States (NY), where the Arica Institute (incorporated in 1971) has since been headquartered. The Arica School can be considered "A body of techniques for cosmic consciousness-raising and an ideology to relate to the world in an awakened way.".
However, the collective also produced several musical albums in the US (presumably to increase awareness of the school), this resulted in the release of four totally eclectic masterpieces: Arica & Audition (1972), Heaven (1973) and Music In The Nine Rings (2002); crazy spaced out folk, progressive, meditative and psychedelic jazz sounds with some exquisite moments, ripe for sampling.


Touring the clowns cemetery

Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores Lasry Baschet was a French experimental band created in 1955 by Bernard Baschet, engineer and instrument maker, with his brother François Baschet plus the couple of musicians Yvonne Lasry and Jacques Lasry. 

The aim of the band was to demonstrate the interest of the new instruments designed by the Baschet brothers, mainly based on vibrations of cristal sculptures. The band did especially play covers of classical music themes. They did tour around the world and appear in a lot of TV shows. 

Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores Lasry Baschet

The murmur of the Scottish woods

The Cults Percussion Ensemble was a  Scottish group formed by percussion teaching legend Ron Forbes in the mid 1970s. Played by a group of 11 girls with an average age of 14, the group included Evelyn Glennie, who was destined to become one of the world’s greatest percussionist. This is her first ever record. They came from a few of the schools in the area, including the Cults Academy, Ellon Academy, Aboyne Academy, Inverurie Academy and Powis.
The music here is really quite unique, with a celestial swirling hypnotic quality. The blend of glockenspiels, xylophones, vibraphones, marimba and timpani drums is quite intoxicating and can recall the shimmering warmth of the desert sun one minutenor freezing glacial icecaps the next. The Ensemble perform with an effortless tightness and deftness of touch, building textured layers with recurring percussive motives which appear simultaneously dense and yet sparse, almost sounding like modern sampling.

Cults Percussion Ensemble - Cults Percussion Ensemble

White noise in multiple channels

Giuliano Sorgini is an Italian composer and musician who initially created music for TV and in the '70s switched to cinema; he mixed beat, prog, funk and psychedelia with library music.

Flames of the deep spirit

Jacula is an Italian progressive rock band founded in 1968 in Milan as an experiment by Antonio Bartoccetti, Doris Norton (also known as Fiamma Dello Spirito), organist Charles Tiring and medium Franz Porthenzy.


Strings over the desert

Omar Khorshid (1945 - 1981) was an Egyptian guitarist, musician, composer, accompanist, and actor. Born in Cairo, Khorshid was a well-known guitarist who accompanied many singers, including Farid Al Atrash, Umm Kulthum, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez.
Khorshid's musicality in orchestra performances, original songs, and film scores was considered revolutionary at the time in the Middle East. His extensive theoretical knowledge, fusion of Western and Eastern music, and incorporation of different, more modern instruments (e.g. the electric guitar, electric keyboard, synthesizer) in Arabic music was previously unheard of. Khorshid's unique style sparked inspiration from many aspiring musicians not only in the Middle East, but in Europe and the Americas as well. His mixing of "modern" western electric instruments with older Eastern tunes spawned a new, more modern sound of electric music that many use for discos today.

Summoning the lionesses

David Fanshawe (1942 - 2010) was an English composer, musicologist, sound recordist, archivist, performer, lecturer, record producer, photographer and author. Best known for his choral work African Sanctus.
D. Fanshawe - Sounds Of Masailand

Swimming into past times

Basil Kirchin (8 August 1927 - 18 June 2005) was an English drummer and composer; he pioneered techniques which are now commonplace but were considered radical at the time. These included recording sounds he came across and then cutting, splicing, slowing down or stretching the tape to create strange, new noises. 

Basil Kirchin - Primitive London

Enchanted forest songs

Merit Hemmingson (born August 30, 1940) is a Swedish organist, composer and singer; she became famous in the late 1960's for her modern pop arrangements of Swedish folk music.


Pioneers in electro dancing

Best Of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits From The 60's & 70's is a Moog/Electronic hits compilation made by US label Relativity Records.