Meditation in the northern border of paradise

Óscar Ichazo (1931 - 2020) was a Bolivian philosopher and the originator of Integral Philosophy. In 1968, Ichazo founded the Arica School

The Arica School, also known as the Arica Institute (which is its incorporated educational organization) or simply as Arica, is a Human Potential Movement group founded in 1968 by Ichazo. The school is named after the city of Arica, Chile, where Ichazo once lived and where he led an intensive months-long training in 1970 and 1971 before settling in the United States (NY), where the Arica Institute (incorporated in 1971) has since been headquartered. The Arica School can be considered "A body of techniques for cosmic consciousness-raising and an ideology to relate to the world in an awakened way.".
However, the collective also produced several musical albums in the US (presumably to increase awareness of the school), this resulted in the release of four totally eclectic masterpieces: Arica & Audition (1972), Heaven (1973) and Music In The Nine Rings (2002); crazy spaced out folk, progressive, meditative and psychedelic jazz sounds with some exquisite moments, ripe for sampling.

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