Sounds from a synthetic rainforest

Emerald Web was an Electronic/Experimental music duo of Kat Epple and Bob Stohl, existing from 1978-1990. In addition to recording and touring the US, Emerald Web performed in Planetariums and composed soundtracks for Carl Sagan. They released 11 albums, including "Catspaw", which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1986. 

Composing with keyboards, digital orchestrations, flutes, and Lyricon, they created a unique blend of "electronic space music" and acoustic instruments. The Lyricon is an unusual hybrid synthesizer/woodwind instrument that creates a variety of sounds such as electric guitar, oboe and french horn.

Keyboardist, Lyricon player, and flautist Bob Stohl passed away in 1989 at the age of 34. Flautist, keyboardist, and vocalist Kat Epple continues to release albums under her own name, composes television and film scores, and performs concerts around the world. Other musicians who performed or recorded with Emerald Web include Barry Cleveland, Jonn Serrie, Ben Carriel, and Steve Weiner.

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