Voices from wood ancestors

Iluani was a Spanish/Canadian band formed by Felipe Ugarte, Imanol Ugarte, Oliver Schroer and Tanya Tagaq.
The project is a fusion between experimentation with Basque folklore and Inuit overtone throat vocal tradition; the txalapartaris Ugarte anaiak (Imanol and Felipe, the Ugarte brothers), the Inuit singer Tanya Tagaq and the Canadian violinist Oliver Schroer came together to create this unique sound project. 
The Ugarte brothers play the Txalaparta, a musical instrument of Basque origin from the group of percussed idiophones that is played between two people. The composition of the txalaparta has evolved over time; today, the txalaparta is usually made up of four tables placed on trestles, insulated with a sponge to achieve a clean sound. 

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