Turquoise butterflies flying to heaven

Beyaz Kelebekler was a Turkish pop music group. The active musical life of the group lasted from 1963 to 1980. It was founded by 5 young people studying at Kabataş Boys' High School; with the participation of Turgut Akyüz, he started his professional life and started to become famous.   
The band, which first worked with Ayşe Sütçü as a soloist, continued with Azize Gencebay as the new soloist after Ayşe got married and left music. After Azize married Orhan Gencebay and left music, the band signed with Ülkü Üst.

The group had a traffic accident on January 19, 1970, while going to Adapazarı for a concert, where they lost Behzat Kutlubağ, Altan Eke and Rıfat Eke in this accident; the band, which came to the point of disbanding after this incident, reversed this decision upon insistence from the environment.
Beyaz Kelebekler, one of the famous bands of the 70s, gave concerts in many European countries during this period, until the group ends its career after the 1980 Izmir Fair.

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