Impressed by distant lights

The Feed-Back or "The Group" (also known as Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza) was an avant-garde free improvisation group considered the first experimental composers collective, formed by Franco Evangelisti (piano, percussion), Ennio Morricone (trumpet, flute) and Egisto Macchi (percussion, celesta, strings) as main members.
The collective was formed by Italian composer Franco Evangelisti in Rome in 1964. Drawing on jazz, serialism, musique concrete, and other avant-garde techniques developed by contemporary classical music composers such as Luigi Nono and Giacinto Scelsi, the group was dedicated to the development of new music techniques by improvisation, noise-techniques, and anti-musical systems. The group members and frequent guests made use of extended techniques on traditional classical instruments, as well as prepared piano, tape music and electronic music. During the 1970s the music continued to evolve to embrace techniques and genres such as guitar feedback and funk. The group slowly disbanded after Evangelisti's death in 1980.

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