Waiting for mistery

Pierre Cavalli (born July 12, 1928, Zurich ; March 28, 1985 idem. ) was a Swiss jazz and studio musician (guitar, bass); He played various guitar styles on innumerable European album productions from the 1950s to the 1970s. Already in the 1940s he had become a friend of Django Reinhardt and attended his performances in Paris. He performed with well known jazz artists like Art Simmons, Hans Koller, Peter Trunk, Daniel Humair or Wolfgang Dauner and made excellent commercial productions for music libraries. Cavalli became employed by Friedrich Gulda as his first big band guitar player, joined the “Swiss All Stars” and performed with the excellent but short-lived fusion bands “Oimels” (MPS) and “Emphasis” (Pick). He was well known throughout the studio scene, played in several orchestras, appeared at galas, composed music for French tv-serials and belonged more to the showiz than to the “serious” jazz scene. His impressive discography lists over 500 titles.

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